How to Utilize Accentuate Custom Fields for Enhanced Product Customization
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Maja Senk

Accentuate Custom Fields is a Shopify app that allows store owners to extend the capabilities of their Shopify stores through the use of custom fields. Whether it's additional product details, personalized options for customers, or unique specifications, ACF provides the tools necessary to incorporate these elements with ease into your store's interface.

Key Features

  • Versatile Field Types: ACF supports a wide array of field types, including text, numbers, images, and even references to other products. This versatility enables merchants to display a variety of data tailored to their products' unique needs.
  • Easy Integration: With ACF, adding custom fields to products, collections, pages, and more is straightforward. Merchants can define custom fields specifically for their store's requirements, providing more information to customers.
  • Shopify Theme Integration: ACF allows the integration of custom fields into your Shopify store's theme. By editing the theme's Liquid files, you can display the custom field data exactly where it's needed, ensuring a cohesive and branded shopping experience.

Utilizing ACF for Product Customization

Here's how to leverage Accentuate Custom Fields for enhanced product   customization:

  • Define Custom Fields: Begin by defining the custom fields you need for your products. Consider what additional information can provide value to your customers. This could include care instructions, product origins, materials, dimensions, or any other details relevant to your offerings.
  • Edit Your Theme: To display the custom fields on your storefront, you'll need to edit your Shopify theme. ACF offers guidance on inserting custom field data into your theme's Liquid files, allowing you to display this information on product pages, collections, or anywhere else it's needed.
  • Enhance Product Pages: Use ACF to add rich, detailed information to your product pages. For example, you could display unique selling points, technical specifications, or even related products and accessories. This not only improves the shopping experience but also helps with SEO by providing more content for search engines to index.
  • Create Personalized Experiences: With ACF, you can go beyond standard product information. Consider using custom fields to offer personalized options, such as gift messages, product customization (like engraving), or selectable variations that aren't covered by Shopify's native variants.

Examples of Effective Customization

Imagine an online store selling handmade ceramics. With ACF, the merchant can add custom fields for care instructions, the artist's backstory, production techniques, and even a field linking to a video of the product being made. This level of detail not only enriches the product page but also builds a deeper connection between the customer and the product.


Accentuate Custom Fields is a game-changer for Shopify merchants looking to expand their product customization and store functionality. By utilizing ACF, you can provide customers with endless information and personalized options, setting your store apart from the competition and driving sales through customer engagement and satisfaction. Whether you're selling fashion, electronics, handmade goods, or anything in between, ACF offers the tools you need to showcase your products in their best light.

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