Accentuate Professional Plus Plan

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Accentuate Team

For Shopify merchants looking to elevate their stores, Accentuate Custom Fields offers a solution to customize and manage content. And now, with the Professional Plus plan, Accentuate is taking this functionality to the next level. 

Why choose Accentuate?

Since 2016, Accentuate Custom Fields has been a trusted partner for over 12,000 merchants worldwide. Their proven solution allows you to extend your Shopify store with a variety of custom fields—multi-language text fields, checkboxes, dates, selection lists, and more. Whether you need to manage multi-language content, sync fields across multiple stores, or integrate with external systems via API, Accentuate provides the tools you need.

Accentuate’s Best Features

Accentuate offers a wide range of features designed to improve your store's functionality:

  • Multiple Field Types: Choose from 50+ field types, including media uploads, HTML, and custom selection lists.
  • Multi-Language Content: Leverage built-in DeepL translation for seamless multi-language support.
  • Multi-Store Sync: Easily link and sync custom fields across multiple stores.
  • API Access: Integrate with PIM or ERP systems using Shopify's API and ACF's API.
  • Smart Fields Editor: Edit fields in their right context and handle multiple variants effortlessly.
  • Cross-Reference Objects: Build connections between different Shopify objects like products and collections.
  • Unlimited Media Uploads: Serve unlimited images, videos, or files via a global CDN.
  • Advanced Image Handling: Perform transformations directly in Liquid using TwicPics integration.
  • Repeatable Fields: Dynamically add multiple values for different products or collections.
  • Bulk Editing: Edit custom fields in-app or via Excel with support for XLSX files.
  • Layout Editor: Customize layouts per individual Shopify object.
  • Image Resize on Upload: Crop and resize images to fit your needs at upload time.
  • Automatic Tagging: Use custom field values for automated tagging and collection filtering.
  • Sitemap & Search Control: Manage visibility of pages and products in Google and internal searches.
  • Activity Log & Versioning: Track activities and restore custom field values from the last 90 days.

What does the Professional Plus Plan offer?

The Professional Plus plan amplifies the capabilities of Accentuate Custom Fields with exclusive features designed for enterprise-level operations:

  • Custom Fields & Media Uploads: Continue to utilize an extensive range of custom fields and upload media without limitations.
  • Enterprise CDN: Benefit from faster, more reliable content delivery with an enterprise-grade CDN.
  • Image Resizing in Liquid: Perform image transformations directly within Liquid for greater flexibility and control. 
  • Versioning with 90 Days History: Automatically save and restore versions of your custom fields and images from the past 90 days.
  • Webhooks: Enhance integration capabilities with webhooks, allowing for real-time notifications and automated workflows.


Whether you are a high-traffic store needing robust media handling or looking to streamline your backend processes with automation and integration, the Professional Plus plan offers the advanced features necessary to keep your store at the forefront of e-commerce innovation.


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