Advanced Search in Accentuate: The key to efficient Shopify store management

Avansert søk i Accentuate: Nøkkelen til effektiv Shopify-butikkstyring

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Belma Kapetanovic

Welcome to a new era of efficiency in managing your Shopify store's data, brought to you by the Advanced Search feature in the Accentuate app. Our optimal solution delivers the data you need in no time. This tool exceeds traditional search functionalities, offering a simplified solution to navigate and manage your store's data with ease and precision through the following scopes:

  • Products
  • Variants
  • Collections
  • Orders

How to Use Advanced Search?

To access this feature simply click on the dropdown menu, and you'll find Advanced Search among the available options. 

When you enter, you'll see a page called the Filter list. At the top, there's a banner with the information about Advanced Search and its capabilities.

To start making a new search, you can click the “new” button or a link at the bottom of the filter list. This takes you to the Advanced Query Builder Page.

If you need to work with more than one search condition at a time, you can group them together. Just pick the filters you want and press the “Group by” button.

Before you save your filter, it's a good idea to preview the items it will affect. This helps you spot any mistakes you might have missed, ensuring your results are what you expect.

Advanced Search Functionalities

In the following sections, we'll give a breakdown of the app's functionalities and benefits in detail, offering you a clearer understanding of its value.

Enhanced Search Capabilities

At the core of the Advanced Search feature is its capability to perform detailed searches across various content types within your Shopify store. Whether you're dealing with products, variants, collections, or orders, this feature is your ultimate companion.

Accessing the Advanced Search is straightforward, simply navigate to the Shopify product page and click the ‘More actions’ button.

This feature excels in its precision filtering options. You can refine searches by various criteria, including title, inventory levels, price, tags, vendor, product type, status, SKU, barcode, and even specific attributes like gift items. 

The intuitive drag-and-drop editor simplifies filter creation, offering a user-friendly interface complemented by a built-in preview function, ensuring you create the perfect filter with ease.

Imagine you had a Shopify store selling jewelry, and updated your inventory and prices regularly, especially during peak shopping seasons. With the Advanced Search feature, you can create specific filters such as for the holiday collection, grouping products based on tags like "Christmas" or "Valentine's Day." This will allow a quick access and edit of these products in bulk, adjusting prices or descriptions as needed. 

The Power of Saved Filters

What sets the Advanced Search feature apart is its ability to save custom filters. Imagine creating a filter tailored to your specific needs, such as grouping frequently edited products.

This functionality allows you to select and group these products using a filter, managing bulk editing directly from your Shopify admin. The convenience of reapplying saved filters eliminates the need for repetitive setup processes, proving invaluable as your store's inventory and needs evolve.

Filter Usage

When you save the filter, it will be added to the filter list. From here, you can see all the necessary info about the filter itself, including the filter's name, scope and the number of affected items.

From here you can see all the uses of filters:

  • Preview affected: This allows you to see the affected items, and open each one in Shopify's editor.

  • Open in Shopify: This opens all your products that were selected by the filter in Shopify's search enabling you to easily bulk edit them, export their product data, add tags, add them to a collection and much much more.

  • Edit items: This opens the selected items in ACF bulk editor so you can easily edit their metafield data.

  • Export items: Exports affected items in a CSV format.

  • Edit filter: Takes you back to editor and enables you to change query parameters by your desire.

Delete filter: Completely removes the selected filter.

You can also combine multiple filters of the same scope together into a single filter. By default it will select all items affected by one OR the other filter, but that behavior can be easily tweaked in the filter editor.

Streamlined Operations with Export and Bulk Editing

The integration of filters significantly optimizes operations like data export and bulk metafield edits. With the ability to select a pre-saved filter, you can easily update inventory or export data on specific products with just a click. 

This feature eliminates the need of repeated filter configurations for each task, saving you time and increasing productivity.

For instance, you frequently update the pricing for a specific category of products in store, such as "Winter Apparel". With this feature, you can create and save a filter that specifically targets this category based on tags or product type. 

So, when it's time to adjust prices for the upcoming winter season, instead of manually searching and selecting these products each time, you simply apply your pre-saved "Winter Apparel" filter. With a single click, all relevant products are displayed, allowing you to perform bulk price updates quickly and efficiently.

Adapting to Your Store’s Dynamic Needs

Designed to grow with your store, the Advanced Search feature is a testament to flexibility and adaptability. With more products, higher order volumes, and evolving business needs, this feature consistently offers reliable support. It ensures easy access to the data you need, precisely when you need it, facilitating a smooth management process.

For instance, during peak sales seasons, Shopify store owners face the challenge of swiftly updating product details to reflect inventory changes or promotions. With our Advanced Search feature, a store owner can instantly filter products by tags, such as “Holiday Sale”, and bulk edit their metafields or inventory levels in a few clicks. This direct approach eliminates manual product selection, significantly reducing the time spent on updates and allowing for real-time inventory management.

Conclusion: Beyond Search to Strategic Store Management

The Advanced Search feature is not only a search tool - it represents a strategic solution for efficient and effective store management. Its thorough search capabilities, coupled with the power of saved filters and streamlined operations, position it as an essential component of daily operations for Shopify store owners. 

Look forward to discovering more about Accentuate's upcoming features, all designed to boost your store's efficiency and productivity to the highest level.

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