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Vedran Kolaric

Ever feel like you're overwhelmed with your Shopify store's data? You're not alone. Keeping track of product details, author information, and special content sections can be a real headache. It often means a lot of repetitive work and scattered information, making it tough to run your store smoothly and give your customers a great experience. 


Here at Accentuate, we've got a solution for you: Metaobjects. This brand new feature is like a magic box for your store's data. It lets you create custom containers to organize all those important details that don't quite fit into the standard Shopify boxes (products, collections, customers, etc.). Think of them as building blocks you can design to hold exactly the information you need.

What can Metaobjects do for your store?

With Metaobjects you're able to:


  • Build an easy-to-update FAQ section: Tired of updating your FAQ every time someone asks a new question? Build an FAQ section with Metaobjects, store each question and answer as a separate entry, making updates easy and giving your customers a well-organized knowledge base.
  • Create reusable content sections: Metaobjects aren't just for product or author stuff. Need a "Testimonials'' section or an "About Our Brand" story? Use Metaobjects to build these sections once and then reuse them across different pages on your store. This makes creating content simpler and faster.


Metaobjects come into play when you need to create self sufficient groups of information that fit neatly into templates. A great example of this would be Authors. Authors are the stars of many stores, but keeping track of their info can be a pain. Metaobjects let you create a central hub for author details, like bios, photos, and social media links. No more typing the same info over and over, and your store stays consistent.



The benefits of Metaobjects

  • No more duplicate data: With metaobjects, you only need to enter information once. This means you won't have to repeat the same data in different parts of your store, reducing mistakes and ensuring everything is up-to-date.
  • Easy updates: When you need to update information, you can do it in one place. The changes will automatically appear wherever that data is used, saving you the hassle of making multiple updates.
  • Save time: Using metaobjects saves you time. Instead of spending hours updating data in different places, you can make a single update and focus on other important tasks.
  • Better customer experience: Having clear and organized information makes editing easier. Metaobjects help ensure that all your data is accurate and consistent, providing a better experience for your customers.

Metaobjects can greatly simplify managing your online store. By keeping your data in one place, they reduce the need for duplicate entries, make updates easier, and save you time. Most importantly, they help you provide a better experience for your customers. Using metaobjects can help you run your store more efficiently and keep your customers happy.


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Ready to take control?

In our next blog post, we'll show you exactly how to use Metaobjects in Accentuate. We'll walk you through creating them, adding data, and making them work with your store's theme.


With Accentuate's Metaobjects, you're no longer stuck with the limitations of regular data structures. Organize your store's information the way you want, unlock its full potential, and create a shopping experience your customers will love. Stay tuned for the next chapter in mastering your Shopify data! For a detailed guide on metaobjects, continue your journey here!

For more detailed instructions and any assistance for using Metaobjects with Accentuate, our dedicated support team is available 24/7, or you can book a call with our specialist.

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