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Accentuate Custom Fields for Shopify

Unlock your full potential

Accentuate Custom Fields is the leading professional solution to easily extend your Shopify store with your own fields such multi-language text fields, checkboxes, dates, selection lists, custom objects and much more.

Upload unlimited images, videos and PDF files and cross-reference your objects to create everything you need to make your site stand out among the competition and accurately reflect your brand's offerings.

Serving Shopify merchants since 2016, Accentuate Custom Fields is a proven and battle-tested solution trusted by more than 10,000 merchants worldwide and well over 3,000 high-traffic Shopify Plus stores.

Join 4,000+ shops using ACF to power their online presence

Join 10,000+ brands powering their online presence

“This is the best metafield app available” • “The backbone of store customisation”

“Amazing app with endless possibilities” • "This app is just insanely good”

Rated 4.9 / 5 on Shopify App Store • See all reviews • External review

Make your store yours

Even as the very best e-commerce system available, Shopify can't be everything to everybody. We're here to help Shopify take a step closer in that direction.

There are literally thousands of use cases for ACF and our customers are using ACF to promote content in more ways than we imagined — from additional product details and usage instructions to online manuals, delivery lead times, product galleries, reviews and new creative ways to show related products, cross sells and upsells.

ACF also allows you to create extra fields to control your design layout such as custom product filters and Call to Action texts. You can even define dynamically embedded scripts that you need to have on certain products or pages. Get in touch with your use case and we'll gladly help out with how this can be addressed using ACF


Our clients love the simplicity

“Accentuate Custom Fields has allowed us to produce results far more efficiently than with other custom fields apps. Its UI is a pleasure to work with and our clients love the simplicity of it! The sheer amount of power behind each of the field types is insane! Honestly, we’d be knackered without Accentuate Custom Fields!”


Lead Shopify Developer, Kubix Media


Our must-have extension

“We do not build a Shopify store without Accentuate Custom Fields, it has become our must-have metafield extension for Shopify. Not only is the product great, their support is exceptional and new features are always being added.”


Technical Director, Overdose


Much more than just another metafields editor

Multiple Field Types

50+ different field types including media uploads, HTML, Markdown, and your own selection lists. Full support for Shopify OS 2.0 types

Multi-Language Content

Define custom fields with content in multiple languages with built-in DeepL translation and display in your visitors' language

Multi-Store Friendly

Link multiple stores together and sync custom field definitions between them with a click of a button

API Access

Update your custom fields using a combination of Shopify's API and ACF's API. Perfect for PIM or ERP integrations

Smart Fields Editor

Edit your custom fields in their right context. Edit fields for multiple variants seamlessly together with your product fields

Cross-Reference Objects

Easily build cross-references between different Shopify objects. Have articles point to products, pages to collections etc.

Unlimited Media Uploads

Upload unlimited images, videos or other files and serve them to your visitors via a global CDN with cutting-edge performance

Image Handling in Liquid

Perform advanced image transformations directly in Liquid (no scripts required) using our free integration with Cloudinary

Repeatable Fields

Add multiple values for fields dynamically while you edit for different products, collections, pages etc.

Editor Filters

Streamline your editing process by filtering fields by product type, blog, article, page, collection or template

Bulk Editing

Bulk edit your custom fields in-app or via Excel. ACF supports upload and download of native XLSX files with ease

Layout Editor

Define custom layouts per individual Shopify object to allow for detailed control of your content's structure

Image Resize On Upload

Allow for images to be cropped and resized at the time of upload. Makes it easy for users to fit any size requirements

Automatic Tagging

Tag your products automatically using custom field values and use them for collection filtering. Full tag support across Shopify

Automatic Order Fields

Set custom field values automatically when orders are created. Great for purchase order references, delivery instructions etc.

Sitemap & Search

Easy to use built-in support for hiding individual pages, products and more from Google and internal searches

Activity Log

View status of running and completed activities. Download exported files or import files used in the past


Automatic versioning of custom fields values and images. Easily restore to any version from the last 90 days with a few clicks


Notify external partners or automation platforms of changes made to your custom fields. Easily set up endpoints per event type

10x The Space

Need to store more than 100k characters in a metafield? No problem - using ACF that limit is no more with our Large Sets feature

Addressing the need for speed

At the heart of custom fields for a Shopify store we find images.

99% of our customers use ACF images for their use cases – from displaying hero banners, landing page illustrations and product images to integrating all kinds of small images and icons for a wide array of purposes.

We partner with Cloudflare - one of the world's largest networks - to serve images to your visitors as fast and efficiently as possible. With a global CDN optimised for delivery speed with very low network latency, we comfortably serve more than 3 billion image requests per month.

Need responsive images, resizing, cropping and advanced image transformations? We got you covered through our integration with market leader Cloudinary and give you a powerful image API directly available in Liquid to transform images on the fly and serve them with the highest visual fidelity.

Included in the price, of course. No hidden fees.

Easily undo changes to your custom fields

As part of our Plus subscription plan, ACF offers versioning of your custom fields including images with 90 days history.

Accidentally deleted some key images or made an incorrect configuration? Or your colleague now on holiday changed the wrong bits and you're not sure how to get back on track?

No sweat, just restore the previous version with a few clicks and you're good to go.


Free plan available for Shopify trials, affiliate stores and NPO accounts



Free for Shopify stores in trial period, development stores and NPOs



per month or $200 annually

For stores on paid Shopify plans

Professional Plus


per month or $400 annually

For stores on paid Shopify plans


Versioning of Fields & Images


All prices in USD billed by Shopify. First 30 days free of charge. If you uninstall before the end of the trial, you won't be billed

Case Study

Custom Plugs are a UK based online retailer of body jewellery, plugs, ear gauges and alternative clothing. When migrating to Shopify with the help of Liquify Shopify experts they were advised to use Accentuate Custom Fields. Read the case study where Joe Dempsey, an experienced Shopify theme developer from Liquify, explains how and why they used Accentuate Custom Fields for this custom build

Liquify are officially recognised Shopify Experts and have been working with Accentuate Custom Fields for several years. As a dedicated Shopify & Shopify Plus agency, they are small enough to be agile and large enough to cater for enterprise clients

Our Partners

We partner with leading web agencies from around the world, who are ready to help you out with your Accentuate Custom Fields project. You can find more partners here

Get in touch via email to learn more about our partner program

Frequently asked questions

Where are my custom fields stored?

All custom field definitions as well as the values you enter are stored as metafields within your Shopify store. This means that you never rely on any third-party system but can trust Shopify to keep your data safe. Metafields are an integral part of the Shopify platform and provide secure storage for your data. One exception: due to restrictions in Shopify's API media uploads are stored externally on a secure Google Cloud server with daily backup (the reference to the media is stored in a Shopify metafield)

Will this work in my high-traffic Plus store?

Without a doubt. Firstly, retrieval of metafield values (where your custom fields' values are stored) is done by Shopify within Shopify's infrastructure, so it's no different from any other piece of content you create inside Shopify. Secondly, media uploads (with or without image resizing/cropping) are served directly via a global CDN optimised for delivery speed with very low network latency. Our CDN is serving more than 3 billion requests per month and there's room for yours as well

How do I show my custom fields on my storefront?

Using Liquid together with Shopify Metafields, you can easily integrate the values into both your design and notification templates. Our Help Center shows examples covering the supported field types as well as tutorials to work with our various features

Can I use ACF to manage existing metafields from other apps?

Absolutely. Just as well as ACF lets you define fields in discrete namespaces to keep it from updating metafields from other apps, you can also use it to handle metafields defined by other apps and migrate to ACF easily. ACF features an easy-to-use wizard to find existing metafields in your store and will automatically reuse any existing values once definitions are in place

The app installation requests managing of my store? Really?

To be able to store metafields for a Shopify object such as a product or a page, ACF needs to have access to that object. This is how Shopify works. Rest assured, that ACF does not modify or delete anything in your store other than the Shopify metafields, we use as the foundation for your custom fields - with the exception of any Shopify data you specifically choose to update via ACF's functionality, such as product tags. Please see our privacy policy.